About us

АО Кontur carries out design, development, implementation and operation of the computer program of the information system "Carbon Units Registry".

АО Kontur provides services for work in the information system "Сarbon Units Registry". The maximum tariffs for the services of the registry administrator are established by the Government of the Russian Federation 30.03.2022 № 518, more details on the tariffs can be found in the sectio «Tariffs».

The Carbon Units Registry of the Russian Federation contains information on climate projects, carbon units released into circulation following the implementation of climate projects, the transfer of carbon units between transaction participants and the offsetting of carbon units.

Creation and maintenance of the registry, as well as organisation of the carbon unit transactions conducted within it, is the responsibility of the administrator, as provisioned in legislation established by the Government of the Russian Federation.

Personal accounts are opened in the carbon units registry on the basis of agreements concluded between the transaction participants and the administrator on terms agreed by the parties. Accounts may be opened in the register without simultaneously crediting them with carbon units.

The joint-stock company AO Kontur is the legal entity appointed to administrator the carbon units registry by virtue of Decree No. 367-r of the Government of the Russian Federation, of 1st March 2022.