Registry Publications
Climate projects
Improving the energy efficiency of heating production at the Krasnogorskaya CHPP of the Ural Aluminum Plant
Improving of energy efficiency of water treatment at the Krasnogorskaya CHPP of the Ural Aluminum Plant
Construction of a gas pipeline from the Karmalka gas compressor station to the Nizhne-Karmalskaya No. 2 boiler house NGDU Yamashneft PAO Tatneft
Substitution of power generated from coal- and oil-fired power plants of AO Polyus Krasnoyarsk
Reconstruction of the cryogenic facility for deep processing of dry stripped gas with production of new products at the Tatneftegazpererabotka Division, PJSC Tatneft
Project to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by increasing the installed electrical capacity of PAO EL5-Energo through the construction of a new renewable energy production facility "Azovskaya VES"
Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through the use of waste lube oil regeneration technology
Construction of gas pipeline with BPS-4972s NGDU Aznakaevskneft of PAO Tatneft
Changes in the reserves of organic carbon in the soil on arable land of the OOO Helio-Pax-Agro, located at the address: 403992 Russian Federation, Volgograd region, Novoanninsky district, Novokievka village
Construction of a gas pipeline from BPS-1539s PAO Tatneft
Expansion of gas collection system from the PAO TATNEFT facilities (GZNU-110, BPS-2S)
Construction of a gas pipeline from BPS-6s to the Devonian gas pipeline from BPS-6a NGDU "Elkhovneft"
Increasing efficiency in the production of olefins at the OOO SIBUR-Kstovo
Reconstruction of the BPS-5 of the NGDU Elkhovneft
Forest climate project of the JOINT STOCK COMPANY "RUSAL KRASNOYARSK ALUMINUM PLANT" (AO RUSAL KRASNOYARSK, INN 2465000141) "Aviation fire protection of a forest area on the territory of the Nizhne-Yeniseisky forestry, Symsky district forestry, Yartsevo village, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russia"
Energy efficient re-equipment at PAO Nizhnekamskneftekhim
Implementation of energy efficiency measures in the production of monomers of OOO Tomskneftekhim
Increasing energy efficiency in the production of ethylene oxide and glycols at AO Sibur-Neftekhim
Modernization of energetic block No. 8 of the Kostroma State District Power Plant branch of АО Inter RAO – Electric Power Plants, Kostroma Region
Prevention of greenhouse gas (methane) emissions using mobile compressor stations when preparing sections of main pipelines for repair work
Increase of greenhouse gas absorption through the implementation of a climate project on the territory of the Poronaysky forestry of the Sakhalin region
Construction of the 4 t/h liquefied carbon dioxide plant to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Reducing of greenhouse gases emissions by re-engineering the production of dioctyl terephthalate (DOTP) AO SIBUR-Khimprom, the Perm Territory
Construction of the factory-wide flare system of the Minnibaevsky Gas Processing Plant of the “Tatneftegazopererabotka” Management
Connection of the pipeline from DNS-102k CDNG-1 to the gas pipeline DNS163-BUSO CKPandPN UGS
Reduction of specific greenhouse gas emissions at Vladivostok CHPP-2 due to modernization with replacement of coal–fired boilers No. 12 - 14 with gas
Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions following introduction of an electrical power generating facility based on solar energy near the village of Reidovo on the Island of Iturup, located in the southernmost group of the Kuril Islands, the Sakhalin Region